Brisbane Commercial Fencing

Superior Concrete Walls are the experts when it comes to commercial fencing and wall solutions in Brisbane. With concrete’s potential lifespan proving an incredible 100 years, you will be guaranteed longevity when you choose concrete wall and fencing options.

Commercial Fencing Reduces Construction-Related Costs

In today’s business environment, some of the most important issues facing developers and large retailers are safety, labour costs and ensuring the efficient completion of developments. The Superior Concrete Walls System is designed to meet these challenges as we prove to be an extremely safe, affordable and efficient construction solution.

The Superior Concrete Walls System is safe to install; no propping is required because we use a proprietary rigid footing support system. With the use of a crane truck, a 2 man crew is all that is required to install a Superior Concrete Wall.

With the unique technology utilised by Superior Concrete Walls, over 100 metres of wall can be installed per day. Both efficient and affordable, this commercial fencing solution has proved popular for many brands and businesses.

Branding with Superior Concrete Walls

The visibility of your company’s brand is important in today’s business world. Superior Concrete Walls can increase brand awareness as we can incorporate logos, icons and other insignia into our precast concrete panels. Simply provide us with your requirements and we will have our design team manufacture the concrete form liners and your brand will be cast into the concrete walls.

Additional Benefits

Superior Concrete Walls are available to our standard 2.00 metre height but panels and columns can be stacked to create a 4.00 metre high wall. Whether it is cameras, razor wire, iron spikes, lighting or gates that are required; attaching security equipment to a Superior Concrete Wall is easily done.

Regular security fences are industrial looking; to be aesthetically pleasing is far from the designer’s mind. With a Superior Concrete Wall security fence your fence is not only functional, but also very visually attractive. Vertically cast, this enables design and profile to be cast on BOTH sides of the wall, proving another advantage of the commercial fencing design. Ask about our tilt fencing solutions.

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