Gold Coast Tilt-Up Fencing Experts

We are the experts when it comes to tilt-up fences on the Gold Coast in Brisbane and beyond. Our panels are second to none for carefully developed quality, durability and looks. They’re designed to work beautifully with your choice of gates, landscaping and more. But what exactly is tilt-up fencing?

About Tilt-Up Fence Systems

As the name implies, the columns and panels are lifted into place. The column is fitted over the steel post and installed in the concrete footing before the panel is tilted up and slotted into the concrete column. Finishing touches such as caps are then added. There are significant benefits to this system; unlike traditional fences, which must be built in several stages (digging for the posts through to installing slats individually), tilt-up fencing can be raised relatively quickly, cutting construction costs as well as project timelines. Because the technology has been refined significantly since it was first made popular in the 1940s, there’s absolutely no compromise. In fact, these panels are structurally superior to all other options currently on the market.

High Quality Tilt Fencing

In contrast to traditional construction, our panels aren’t poured directly at the site. Rather, they’re finished on our premises. This means we can control the quality at every stage, ensuring consistent strength and adding details such as decorative finishes and weatherproof coating. It has allowed for our cutting-edge systems to exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship and technical design. Manufacturing ourselves is part of what allows us to offer such a generous guarantee on all tilt-up fencing from our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne locations. We are the preferred contractors in these areas for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Contact Us

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, and how they could work for your project. To discuss designs, call your closest location in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. Read more about Superior Concrete Walls or order an estimate online. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and would be happy to discuss options regarding your next project.